It is our duty to verify documents at the time of carrier on boarding to guarantee that there are no discrepancies moving forward. Documents that are scanned and uploaded require manual verification.  Our team of experts work to scrutinize all documents. Once verified, the approved bills are paid.

The accounts receivables are sent to the freight brokers as per requirements, the documents reach the uploader and the amount is then paid to the factoring company. In case of any issues, we resolve it with the carrier. The date of payment and Cheque/ACH Number is verified and we ensure that the payment is received on time.

We not only help your company improve the ratings but also increase the cash flow.

What we Do ?

  1. Tracking and follow-ups of invoices by making sure they won’t cross 30-day period as per the company terms.
  2. Paperwork, NOA & LOR sent on 1 aging.
  3. Take care of payments coming to our factoring company           
  4. The security of our client’s data is of utmost importance. Invoices and other confidential data are stored only on encrypted, secure locations.
  5. For the past 6 years, we have made sure there has been absolutely no delay in payments.
  6. We have been able to completely eliminate the risk of forged documents, missing/incorrect information, etc.
  7. We guarantee the right collections and prompt payments received on time.
  8. The Notice of Assignment and Letter of Release is generated on time and without error.

In case of dispute, Sterling Technologies has dedicated experts which will contact the freight broker and identify the issue