A constantly changing market and varying conditions has evolved freight logistics into a highly competitive and challenging industry. Companies are always looking to adapt new and improved ways of working in order to improve efficiency in order to maintain profitability and growth.

With our experience and expertise in the field of working with 3PL/Freight Brokers, Sterling has the industry experts to propel your operations forward, ensuring an increase in efficiency and therefore resulting in higher revenue and less overhead costs.

Our experts are specialists at streamlining your operations and promoting development with minimum effort. Our thorough processing of shippers during onboarding including all document processing means that we can achieve operational excellence with ease.

In the case of multiple loads, we ensure the correct Bill of Lading is provided for the appropriate load without any discrepancies or mismatch. The electronic BOL reaches the distribution centre before the driver even reaches the location. This streamlines the process and reduces idle time to zero.