Shipper on boarding

Shipping is a core sector of the logistics industry. Shippers refer to those that intend to move their freight, it is a part of sales activity. A common challenge faced by freight brokers is that they need to locate, qualify and onboard a shipper. However, this can be not only time-consuming but resource intensive as well. Companies may find that they do not have the required means to locate the appropriate shippers, manually verify their documents in order to qualify them and may not have a sales team which can pursue and finally onboard appropriate shippers In such cases, freight brokers may find the best solution is to outsource the entire activity of onboarding shippers to a third party logistics support services company, in order to reduce their expenses and human resource requirements. However, difficulties in finding trustworthy and cost-effective clients becomes a challenge and is a roadblock to many freight brokers.

Our panel of experts work around the clock in order to locate shippers, establish a line of contact with them,utilise our experienced sales team in order to negotiate rates and for an agreement, eventually signing them up as a broker for our clients. We deal with both traditional brokers and digital brokers. With our extended experience and abundant human resources, we are able to set up a value proposition business meeting, which will facilitate the sign up so that they may take on the role of a shipper.